Sunshine is now available!

My novella, Sunshine, is now available from Fiction Lake Publishing!

A coming of age tale taking place in a speculative future, Sunshine follows the life of one teenage girl:

Ozone depletion has progressed so badly that the sun becomes deadly. Society has already changed to adapt to the danger, so that people live nocturnally. Amanda is a teenage girl dealing with life on this scorched world. She learns that she will soon be evacuated from the only home she’s ever known and transported to a new country, where they say the days will be shorter. She’s plagued by the horrid possibility that the only man she’s ever loved will not be able to go with her.

You can also read an excerpt on the Fiction Lake website!

Sunshine is available now from Amazon.

You can also find it at Barnes and Noble.

For more formats, try Smashwords.

If you find yourself with a copy of Sunshine, make sure you let the Goodreads world know!


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