Dead Flowers: a poetry rag

Issue Three of Dead Flowers is available now for download. My poem, The Lisbon Beast, was selected by this issue’s guest editor, Kirsten Akens, who is associate editor at the Colorado Springs Independent, a locally owned alternative newsweekly. The Lisbon Beast is a work inspired by the Lisbon sisters, characters created by Jeffrey Eugenides in his novel, The Virgin Suicides.

Bohemian Pupil Press’ Poetry Rag takes its name from the Rolling Stones’ song on the 1971 album Sticky Fingers. This song is emblamatic of a quintessential irreverance: it portrays a most elegant “Fuck You.” Please, do not interpret this as meaning that Dead Flowers is a platform for sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. Dead Flowers is an extension of Bohemian Pupil Press’ tagline and motive: “Publishing for the Clear-Sighted Imbiber.”

Dead Flowers is a free poetry rag, each issue containing twelve poems and an essay by the guest editor, who is an intelligent reader outside of the poetry world. The result is an eclectic blend of memorable poets showing their most readable work.

To read The Lisbon Beast, download Issue Three of Dead Flowers.

You can also catch up on issues one and two.

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