New Reviews for “Sunshine” and “Salvation”

As my novella and novel, Sunshine and Salvation, begin to gain popularity, new reviews are coming in from and, as well as

What people are saying about Salvation:

“This is an absolute must! It has everything you need to get lost in the story. I started reading while waiting for supper to finish and came back to reality around 2am! Well written, you will fall in love with the characters. I keep waiting to hear there will be a sequel. Trust me if there is I will be one of the first to buy from this amazing new author.”

allaboutme on

What people are saying about Sunshine:

“This is an amazing new author! everybody needs to check her out, Well written, honest, refreshing. I wish this came in print so I could add it to her debut novel Salvation! I know we will be seeing a lot more from this fresh new talent.”

allaboutme on

“Author is passionately honest. An interesting story line that is imaginative and frightening. I suspect the author modeled herself after the lead girl in the story. She writes as if she is the one enjoying the sensual experiences and that makes the writing that much more enjoyable. Looking forward to more from Alyssa.”

Brian Ingmire on

“This is perfect short fiction. The writing is smart and beautiful, the story is unique and well thought out. It’s not niche writing, absolutely any reader can and should enjoy this amazing story. It’s one of my personal favourites.”

Alannah on

If you’ve read any of my published works, please consider leaving a review! Writers can’t grow without feed back from their readers, and I’d love to know what you all think of my work.

Sunshine can be reviewed on,, GoodReads, and KoboBooks.

Salvation can be reviewed on,, and GoodReads.

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