The Many Faces of Love

For the third time, my work has been accepted by The Poetic Pin-Up Revue, and will be featured in their February Issue! As always, the Revue does a good job of describing itself:

We’re not quite a pinup magazine.  We’re not quite a literary journal.  We’re not quite a poetry rag, or a fine art photography showcase, we’re not quite a lot of things and very much a lot of others.

Imagine spending an afternoon wandering around your favorite bookstore, if your favorite bookstore also happened to be located in your favorite museum, and instead of wandering around, some very helpful attendants brought to your table all of the things you felt like reading and looking at even before you knew you wanted to be reading and looking at them, and the girls at the table next to yours happened to be topless.

The February issue is a Valentines Day special, titled The Many Faces of Love, and it will include two of my poems. The first, titled Nightlight, has been paired with the photography of Jess Alcouffe. The second, titled He Speaks My Language, has been paired with the work of photographer Andreas Schneider.

You can pre-order your copy now, and it will be shipped on February 11th. If you buy a copy, please put my name (Alyssa Cooper) in the “Who Sent You” field before you complete the order!

The Revue is also holding a sale, details of which are available on the order page:

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Revue, we’re offering our first issue, February 2012, at half price when you purchase it with the February 2013 issue. Offer good while supplies last, so get them while you can!

My poetry has been featured in the Poetic Pinup Revue twice before. The Universe and The Moments After were published in August issue and Glass and Fever Heat were published in the October issue. Both are still available to order!

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