Coming Home

CENTURY 121 is a journal of poetry and fiction dedicated to celebrating our shared conditions and destiny—as one vast, diverse, planet-wrapping family known as humanity. This truth is so basic yet far too easily ignored so it bears repeating artistically. Thus the focus of poems and fiction may be wide and unwieldy but they all speak to what is important to us all by virtue of our commonality. We’ve come a long way since the first cities and languages of the Fertile Crescent but the most aware among us possess an unbounded hope. A hope that one day we will see ourselves first as human beings and that such a community will prevail. Commonly art has been a useful tool to express such hope and the artists herein share their stories.

Issue Two of Century 121, available online now, includes my poem Coming Home.

I’ll remember that night
in the passenger seat,
feet on the dash and robed
in smoke.
I saw you in the mirrors;
I bathed
in your voice.

On those old country roads
I was glad
that I never learned to drive.

Read the full poem on Century 121.

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