Emrys 2013

Emrys 2013, Volume 30 is available now!

“Without realizing it, we had begun to articulate the mission statement for the organization that was to become The Emrys Foundation—to promote excellence in the arts, especially literary, artistic, and musical works of women and minorities.

“To choose a name for our new partnership we turned to Welsh lore that had inspired our first collaboration. Learning that King Arthur’s sorcerer, Merlin, was actually named Emrys, we agreed that this rather mysterious word had a special ring to it. When we discovered that Emrys was translated Child of Light, we felt certain that this was a name of good omen.”

-Keller Cushing Freeman, Emrys co-founder

ImageVolume 30 of Emrys Journal includes my short story, Runners

    “His passenger for the night had carried her bags to his car from her bedroom window, after climbing out into the darkness. He had tried to convince her to sleep while he drove, but she stayed ramrod straight in her seat with her face close to the window, trying to watch the black country side rolling by. As the sun rose, she pointed out the details to him, counting out the bodies of water that they passed.
    When she said that she was hungry, he took the first exit. He found the first diner.
    The girl had turned sixteen in the preceding weeks, but with her honey hair pulled back from her face, wearing a short yellow sundress, she looked much younger. She was incredibly small, short and thin, with smooth round cheeks and a flat boney chest. She sat across from him in the booth, the vinyl squeaking under her thighs as she kicked her feet back and forth, the soles of her sandals never touching the floor.
    He rubbed the thick, dark stubble on his jaw, his twenty five years feeling very, very old.
    With her elbows on the table, she held a fat, dripping burger with both hands, and she ate as she peered out the window with wide, round eyes. There was red and white at the corners of her mouth; tomato seeds clinging to her bottom lip. The angry purple bruise on her left eye and cheek were starting to fade to yellow at the edges as the swelling went down, but the sclera under her blackened lid was still a shocking shade of red.”

To read the rest of Runners, visit the Emrys website and order your copy.

Locals of South Carolina can also find Emrys on the shelves of these bookstores:

Brew and Ewe (108 West Broad Street)
Fiction Addiction (1020 Woodruff Road)
Greenville Museum of Art (420 College Street)
Mr. K’s Used Books, Music, and More (101 Verdae Boulevard)

Travelers Rest:
The Café at Williams Hardware (13 South Main Street)

Hub City Bookshop (186 West Main Street)


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