Rosary, available now in Voices Israel 2013

Voices Israel was founded in August, 1971 by Leslie Summers, Reuben Rose, Moshe Ben-Zvi and Jacob Katwan.  From this small beginning of four members, the organization has grown to a membership of over 150 poets in Israel and many other countries. While providing an outlet for writers of English poetry in Israel, encouraging new poets in their art, and promoting international friendships through poetry, Voices also publishes an annual anthology of English language poetry.

The 2013 volume of Voices is available now, and includes my poem, Rosary.

Lilia rests easy beside him;
she sleeps deep
and long,
and she wakes

Alone, though,
she rattles
      and rails,
a prisoner in a tomb;
she carries his photo in a locket
with a tight
a photo,
and a tiny snip
      of hair.

To remember,
      to remind,
she weaves the chain
      through fingers;
like rosary beads.
She speaks of her memories
with the reverence
      of a prayer.

This anthology can only be order directly from Voices. To order your copy of Voices Israel 2013, visit their website and follow the order instructions.

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