‘A God of Simple Things’ in From The Wellhouse

From the Well House is a student-run, faculty-advised organization that celebrates the arts and sciences. Their print issue comes out every spring and the online issue every fall. They publish original work, including photography, video, music, creative and academic writing, and all types of multimedia. They accept submissions from all over the world and selections are made through a double-blind peer-review process in order to ensure a high standard of excellence.

From the Well House is, as the name suggests, the IU-Kokomo Review of Arts and Sciences. They are a literary, scholarly, and art publication that was formed to showcase the talents of budding as well as established artists and writers from all over the world.

Volume 2, Issue 1 of From The Wellhouse includes my latest poem, A God of Simple Things.

A God of Simple Things

I am a god
of simple things.

There are mountains reaching out
in search of the sky,
clouds weaving storms
that could tear apart
the world.

But these things,
they seem so far away:
so distant
that the details have blurred
to indistinction.

I make my home
in the mundane.
Cups of chocolate
and words on a page;
a sleeping, breathing lump
that reaches for me
in the night.
I take comfort
in things so close
that their details
are blinding;
twisting yarn
between my fingers,
and the taste of your mouth
in the morning
before dawn.

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