Slab Literary Magazine

SLAB is a literary magazine based out of Slippery Rock University.  They publish on-the-cusp poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and text-based graphic art by a wide array of new and established writers.

The latest issue includes two of my poems, Lullabies and Despair has eyes.

Despair has eyes

Some days,
I feel like I could make it to the end
of the world;
it would only take
One deep dive.
The purest water sluicing over the burn
I laid on my arm,
when he left.

Some days,
it’s Russian roulette,
with a single empty chamber.

I’ll peel back my skin,
break my ribs,
and maybe I’lll find
there’s nothing left there anyways.
I’m an empty attic,
dusty cobwebs in the rafters.
The end of the world
isn’t far enough.

I watch him from a distance;
I scorch and flare,
like painted wicker.

I want a hero tonight.
No man is made of steel,
but the one who spares kind words will do,
for now.
I need someone close,
I feel this need to speak;
words given to walls don’t count.

Every passing glance is an option;
this is a dance I know well,
the height, the flight,
the stomach clench of waiting,
of knowing how soon my hero will fall.
They’ve never kept my secrets safe.

I wish I had taken the chance,
found the time to form rage into whispers,
breath dropped into his ear;
“I should have torn you apart
from the inside out.”

Is this the appropriate brand
of devotion?

The end of the world
looks more and more appealing;
just spread my ephemeral wings
flying high,
until they melt in the blessed heat of the sun.

Every morning I wake
with his name pressed against the roof of my mouth;

To read Lullabies and other works by talented authors, visit the SLAB website and order your copy now!

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