‘The Saviour’ on Untitled, with Passengers

My newest poem, The Saviour, is now available to read, completely free, on Untitled, with Passengers.

Untitled, with Passengers is a space for poetry to exist so that poets and readers alike can enjoy it. Their main page features the latest poem, but be sure to browse older posts for more great poetry!

The Saviour

The fence post like a spear

through her back;

a sign post,

pointing her home.

Arms spread –

she’s a martyr,

a saviour,


by gravity;

by the weight

of her existence.

The Saviour, as well as Cecilia and a second accompanying poem coming soon to Untitled, with Passengers, was inspired by The Virgin Suicides, by Jeffrey Eugenides, and the lives of the Lisbon sisters that he created.

Keep an eye on the Untitled, with Passengers blog to see more of my work!


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