Living Water and Swansong

Read my newest poem, Living Water and Swansong, for free on The Fieldstone Review!

The Fieldstone Review is an online literary journal based at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon. The Fieldstone Review publishes poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and reviews from Canada and abroad, with a distinctly Canadian flavour.

Living Water and Swansong

These waters were alive
only yesterday,
the glory of spring,
as glowing white swans,
with diamond necklaces
and solemn eyes,
brought their children to the light
for the first time.
Tiny, ugly bodies
under the thick muscles
of strong, snowy
They owned that water,
playing high, musical notes
in their tiny

But late last night,
the storm
brought the silence.
Those frothing, heady waves;
they killed them

the water is still;
a black, inky mirror,
not a ripple
to mar that glassy surface.
Mother and father
have deserted;
stoic in their misery,
they carried the weight
of their loss
on feathered wings.

But the children remain.

Tiny bodies
on the river;
they spread
their stunted wings,
and they


sunk in the clouds
that the water

The Fieldstone Review offers quality writing to passionate readers, free of charge. Visit their website to read Living Water and Swansong, check out the full contents of Issue 6, and browse their archives.


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