‘Lux’ on Dead Beats

My latest poem, Lux, is now free to read on the Dead Beats blog!

Dead Beats is a UK-based, publishing and performance poetry organisation, set up to cultivate literary aestheticism for all to appreciate and enjoy. The site works as an interactive publishing space which showcases poems, short stories and experimental pieces from some of the best unpublished writers around today.

All of their content is free to read. Visit the blog now to read Lux, and all of the other great pieces by established and blossoming writers alike.


A twisting body
like a willow tree,
covered in golden down;
kissed all over, kissed
by the sunshine.

She floats on a breeze,
tiny feet
She blows kisses; she
winks at me,
with the clouds in her eyes.

What would I give
to take her insubstantial form
into my heavy arms?
If only she could feel
under my clutching hands.


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