Check out this review of “A Different Kind of Beauty!”

Caroline Andrus, of Goodreads:

“I downloaded this book as a free short read and read it quickly while on vacation.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this book, there was a large gap of time between when I read the story summary and downloaded it, and when I actually read the book.

Basically the story follows Lindsey, a girl who is still in love with her ex-boyfriend and childhood best friend. He’s also fallen into a world of substance abuse and does not have much longer to live. Their relationship is tragic. Based on what I just wrote about the plot, I would not want to read this story. It just sounds depressing. And it kind of is.

But I’m glad that I did read it.

Because I’ll tell you this: Alyssa Cooper has a way with words. Her descriptions are beautiful. She has a way of making a simple scene in which nothing much actually, physically happens, and describing it in ways I would never have dreamed.

Read this story. Just do it. 

I have Alyssa’s full length novel, Salvation, ready to put on my Kindle. I’ve had it for quite a while now and other books just kept coming up, but after reading A Different Kind of Beauty I now know that waiting too much longer would be an injustice to both myself and Alyssa. 

Well done Ms. Cooper. Well done!”

Thank you Caroline, and I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

For anyone who wants their own copy of A Different Kind of Beauty, you can get it now at and

If anyone else has posted a review of my work that I haven’t seen yet, please let me know! Writers can’t improve without the input of their readers, and I’m eager for your opinions. Send me an email – I don’t bite, I promise!


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