Sassafras: The Littlest Litmag in the World

Sassafras Literary Magazine is that one peculiar friend. He or she may, or may not, resemble a tabletop and smell like burnt caramel. Sometimes Sassafras is just like you. Sassafras is also The Littlest Litmag in the World. As the littlest Lyssa I know, I thought I’d be a good fit; they agreed.


The first issue of Sassafras includes two of my prose poetry pieces, Towards the Light, and Goodbye Kiss. You can read them both now, for free, on Sassafras’s website or as a cute-as-a-button PDF e-mag.

The trouble with you and me is that I was already looking for a ride home when I saw your car gliding by. I was so desperate to get in out of the cold. I never thought to check that you were the right driver before I belted myself in for our tumultuous journey. I just held on. I ground my teeth and set my jaw, and I refused to cry out as I waited in vain for the shadowy road ahead to finally turn towards the light.

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