The Motel Room cover art reveal!

The wait is over! (I didn’t make you wait very long, did I?) I’m proud to reveal the cover art for The Motel Room, my first independently published ebook. Look for it on Amazon next week!


From The Motel Room:

          I wish I could scream, howl and roar until they fled from me, but I don’t have a voice anymore. I haven’t felt such hatred since I was still alive.

I can’t calm myself as I watch them, but I can’t turn away either. I try, but they’re everywhere with their happy eyes, they won’t leave me alone. My atoms buzz and hum with motion and irritation, building pressure like steam with no release. They’re laughing and I’m swelling, less stable with every sound they make, about to burst and fly apart, leaving a gore of rage all over the motel room walls.

Unable to bear it any longer, illogical and uncontainable, I throw myself across the desk. And somehow, the wallet, the tube of lipstick, the girl’s pocket change; they all come with me. When I stop short, shocked to stillness, the objects keep flying. They slam against the wall, clatter to the floor, and I stare at them in bewildered satisfaction.

The girl shrieks, and both of them sit up sharply, looking in all directions for an answer. She asks in a high pitched voice, “What happened?”

They’re not smiling anymore; fear and furrowed brows instead. My satisfaction grows, grimly.



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