Tamara Talks

I’ve been following Tamara for a while now, and every time I come across one of her poems, I can’t help but smile. Her work seems driven by wanderlust, and has a certain “wandering-but-not-lost” quality that I can’t get enough of. Each line gingerly tastes the unknown, exploring the unforeseen. “She wanted to see the … More Tamara Talks

It’s finally here…

Today is the day, my friends. It’s finally here! A loving mother returned from the grave. A vampire fallen prey to her own kind. A young girl who can set the night aflame. These are the whispered stories of the night’s darkest creatures.  Zombies, werewolves, ghosts, and other things that never found a name; this … More It’s finally here…

Cover Reveal – Whispers

Proud to present the cover of my upcoming collection, Whispers! Whispers, my first full length story collection, will include my two available short stories, The Motel Room and Whispering Peak, as well as nine other paranormal and horror stories to chill you to the bone. Look for it on Amazon this month!

Women Behaving Badly

“Lisa’s hushed tones, and her narrow eyes that dart across the room, say it all – this is dangerous territory. We must be careful no one hears. This heavy secret, our feminine reality that women frequently struggle with one another, cannot be exposed. The bitter truth that women can be absurdly cruel to other women.” … More Women Behaving Badly