Women Behaving Badly

“Lisa’s hushed tones, and her narrow eyes that dart across the room, say it all – this is dangerous territory. We must be careful no one hears. This heavy secret, our feminine reality that women frequently struggle with one another, cannot be exposed. The bitter truth that women can be absurdly cruel to other women.”
-Alana Munro

This book touched on a sensitive subject for me – I grew up insisting that I just couldn’t be friends with girls. What I really meant was that I couldn’t be friends with girls who strictly adhered to every social standard of ‘normal’ – and really, I couldn’t be friends with boys who did the same thing either. For the last ten years, I’ve insistently specified, “I don’t dislike women – I dislike shitty people.”

Although I (try to) stand by that statement, I’m sympathetic to the feelings represented in this book, and I actually found it to be a very entertaining read. A catalog of personal experiences, Alana’s writing is clear and succinct, and offers an interesting insight into (Western) female relationships (especially for an anti-social basement dweller like myself, who hasn’t actually HAD a huge amount of female relationships). It’s enlightening and poignant, but peppered with sarcastic wit, quick humour, and, most importantly, just the right amount of optimism.

Image Women Behaving Badly

Have you ever been hurt by a woman? Are you fed up with the constant bitching, gossiping and manipulation between the females in your life? Do you want happier and healthier relationships with females? Do you wish to weed out the toxic women and seek out only positive women?

If you have ever wondered why some women are complicated creatures this book will offer you straight talking answers.

Alana draws a lot of interesting conclusions as the book progresses, and also requires the reader to ask a lot of questions of themselves. At only $1 in the Kindle store, an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and 26 glowing reviews, what have you got to lose? Get your copy now!


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