The Indie Newb

I’ve been a self-published author now for just over a month and a half – I figured it was time to let you know how I’ve been fairing all alone in the ebook jungle.

I juggled with whether or not to give up actual numbers in this post – it seemed like something that should be kept private. When I asked myself why it should be kept private, I immediately realised I had nothing to hide, and felt silly.

So, let’s take a look at those numbers:


I published The Motel Room on April 5, and since then, I’ve sold 25 paid copies. During my two-day free promotion, 68 copies were downloaded on day one, and 74 free copies were downloaded on day two. We even spent some time at #52 in the Free Short Stories category of the Kindle Store, and in the days since, have received five 5 Star ratings accompanied by glowing reviews.

Whispering Peak was published April 30, and (sadly, I suppose) has only sold two paid copies. Even though its paid sales have been very low, the interest in my two-day free promotion has completely eclipsed the interest The Motel Room saw. Although day one saw only 36 copies downloaded, day two has proven to be the turning point, with 360 copies downloaded (and 9 hours still to go!). Whispering Peak has spent most of the day doing battle for #13 in the Free Dystopian Fiction category of the Kindle Store. I’m hoping to see it make the top ten before midnight, when it returns to the paid Kindle store.
Update: On day two of my free promotion for Whispering Peak, 841 copies were downloaded, and I reached #3 in the Free Dystopian Fiction category – I was completely blown away. The following day, I sold 17 paid copies, the most I’ve ever sold in a single day. This promotion was amazing, and I can only hope it’s a sign of things to come. Thank you everyone!

Really, I just couldn’t be happier.

My numbers are modest – I know this, but I’m still happy. I’m looking at self-publishing as a fresh start for my career, and no matter how modest they may seem, I assure you, they’re better than the numbers my publishers had to offer me after our first quarter working together. This is only the beginning. At the end of the month, I plan to self-publish my first full-length book, which I’m sure will be a wildly different experience from publishing short stories, and I have no way of knowing what effect all of this has already had on the sales of my traditionally published books – I won’t find out till the end of the quarter. I’m learning every day, and I’m so excited for what lies ahead.


When I pressed the publish button on The Motel Room, I told myself, “No expectations! If you make enough to buy yourself a cup of coffee, then be happy about it, goddamn it.”

Not only can I buy myself that cup of coffee, but I can make it a fancy Starbucks coffee. I could even grab one for my boyfriend, too. So… I guess I have nothing to complain about! Thank you to everyone who helped make that possible. =)


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