Tamara Talks


I’ve been following Tamara for a while now, and every time I come across one of her poems, I can’t help but smile. Her work seems driven by wanderlust, and has a certain “wandering-but-not-lost” quality that I can’t get enough of. Each line gingerly tastes the unknown, exploring the unforeseen.

“She wanted to see the world
See the ocean crashing on foreign sands,
The architecture of religion,
Accents in the cafes.”

Tamara Says:

“Born amidst the hustle and bustle of the OC, I was moved to Arizona at a very young age where I have resided ever since. At the age of 22 years young, I am currently studying English Language and Literature with hopes of one day becoming an editor.”

Check out Tamara’s blog or follow her on twitter: you won’t regret it!

“He was so willing to rescue you
You spoiled girl,
He gave you riches
And lavish love.
He saved your life
But you still wanted more.”



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