AudioSexxx: My source for eargasms

My travels on the WordPress have lead me to a lot of very interesting sites, but none quite like AudioSexx:

Audio SeXXX is a site where I post “Eargasms” that the audience suggests or I hear while roaming the internet. I also post S.A.M. (Science Art Math) content as well in-between the eargasms for those who would like to keep their mind sharp or learn something random and interesting for the the day.  With over 200 post and counting don’t forget to use the right hand side bar to browse the variety of categories, catch up on any missed posts, or see which eargasms have been the latest buzz on the site.  

AudioSexxx is run by James Revels III, an audio engineer, composer, and lyricist from Dayton, Ohio, who offers most of his own music free of charge. He’s always in the market for collaborations and commissions, so be sure to visit his contact page to say hello.


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