The Abomination of Norma

“She could go home and forget all of this. The pain of loss would be the same as the pain of birth. After all, did not she give birth to loss?”

Dale Hollin


I had the pleasure of meeting Dale Hollin when he signed with my publisher, Melange Books. Recently, I had the added pleasure of reading Dale’s dark story, The Abomination of Norma.

Dale Says:
“Isaac is possibly the most adorable murderer ever born; if “born” is what he was. I think he might just be the first test tube murderer ever. He’s pretty cute when he kills, though. Little homocidal tike. All he wanted was some god-damned milk.”

A fearlessly original tale, The Abomination of Norma takes a casual stroll through the darkest turns of the human psyche, and fails to find the light on the other side. Surreal, psychological horror with just the right amount of visceral terror, this story held me captivated, from the first uncomfortable scene to the last.

Dale knows all the things that make us squirm – and he’s not afraid to use them. Don’t miss The Abomination of Norma, and be sure to keep your eye on this new name in horror. I know I will!


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