What’s your favourite horror setting?

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What’s your favourite archetypal horror setting?

The mansion on the hill, the haunted psychiatric hospital, the graveyard at night; sometimes, the best character in a horror story is actually the setting. So tell me: what is YOUR favourite scary setting? Where do you want to watch the horror unfold?

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4 thoughts on “What’s your favourite horror setting?

  1. In addition to your fab list you might want to read something like the attic, the cellar, the cave, etc. I prefer the edge of the wood – not the cabin in the woods (also a great setting – not my favourite). Imagine the edge of the wood. Your protagonists are there. They not know how they got there. There’s the dark wood behind them, the sunny landscape in front of them. They sense something they do not see. They do not know where ‘it’ is.

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