Pressing Questions

Speculative fiction has become my new favourite term, because it’s dropped a big, cozy blanket over all of my most cherished genres of fiction. But this, of course, raises a Pressing Question that I presented to readers:

Of all the sub-genres wrapped up in speculative fiction, which is your absolute favourite?

There were plenty to pick from, but Supernatural and Paranormal captured most of the votes:

Stacy says:

Supernatural paranormal. I especially love witchcraft…like the theme in my latest novel, Winter on Spring Street…

Maria says:

Supernatural/Paranormal is my favorite!!

Deborah says:


Christina says:

anything paranormal =)

Jo Ann says:

Paranormal shifters vampires

Kelly says:

Horror or Supernatural/Paranormal. Horror is great. I’ve just gotten back in to the writing side of it. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it. Although it requires a totally different mind set.


Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic fiction took the number two spot:

Kathy says:


Gayle says:

apocalyptic post apocalyptic also love horror

Julianne says:

I find myself gravitating to Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic tales with a strong horror bent the most.

Judy says:

Stuck on Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic right now. But that will change. I read almost every thing.

Christy says:

I love all things Horror but love the Apocalyptic style books and i like to read vampire,werewolf’s,monster books


With Dystopian Fiction in close third:

Lisa says:

Dystopian. 1984 is the perfect dystopia.

Christy says:

I’ve always loved Supernatural and Paranormal fiction but recently discovered some Dystopian fiction that I’ve been greatly enjoying. =) Hunger Games is really great, I’ve read the trilogy three times now.

Kate says:

Apocalyptic / Post A is my favourite although love Dystopian fiction too. Hunger Games really rocked…. Don’t mind the odd Supernatural stuff too x


A few couldn’t make up their minds at all:

Susan says:

Oh dear I really don’t know as I read them all

Shawanda says:

I’m an avid reader so I don’t have a favorite genre.


While others couldn’t pick just one:

Tim says:

Horror on top, followed by Bizarro/Weird Tale…those may actually be 2 separate categories that intersect at times.

Peggi says:

I have several favorites. I love supernatural/paranormal but also horror. I have really been enjoying Christian fiction as well. I know I am an enigma!

Char says:

I love every aspect of horror, but tend to reach for more of the supernatural/paranormal books. Fantasy/Dark Fantasy is another favorite. I love being scared. It’s hard after reading and watching so much horror, but every now and then I run up on something that freaks me out. =)


Last but not least, we have those who stood alone in support of their subgenre:

Liz says:

Alternate history….or like the Caelano series where they were supposed to colonize a new planet but the space ship overshot it’s goal and only one survived….but not the ones with the computer geniuses, engineers and architects so they leave with feudal tech.

Lynette says:

Science fiction. I find it fascinating to read what people think our world will or won’t be in the future. Did anyone read 1984 before 1984? That was scary but we are all still here living our lives without too much Big Brother!

Gia says:


Jeannie says:

Hmmm Dark/Urban Fantasy.

Keith says:

Horror and psychological thrillers!

With such a wide range of subjects and themes, no wonder we all love speculative fiction so much!

Everyone featured in today’s post has received a free copy of Whispers: A Collection of Dark Tales in exchange. If you’d like a chance to win a free ebook, keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for the next Pressing Question.

If you’d like to suggest a question for the next segment, just send me a message!




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