Sunshine: The Author’s Edition is here!


Sunshine: The Author’s Edition is now available! The five star story, originally published in 2012, rewritten as I always intended. With new cover, improved design, and never before seen content, this Kindle exclusive is still only $0.99!

“When ozone levels plummeted, the world changed. There’s no going back.

This is a world where sunshine can kill. Where there are heavy steel shutters on every window, and underground tunnels for safe passage. Where citizens nourish themselves with synthetic vitamins and rationed food, living a life in darkness, never seeing the sun.

This is the only world that eighteen-year-old Manda has ever known. As this strong, passionate girl struggles to bloom in a hard and unforgiving world, she finds a single comfort; Jordy, a man who delicately shows her how beautiful life can be. But then the letter comes.

Everything is changing, all over again.”

Get it now for $0.99, also available in the Kindle Unlimited library!

One thought on “Sunshine: The Author’s Edition is here!

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