We’re back!

Hey everyone! A few months back I switched my website over to Shopify. While I love their templates and storefront, their blog system left something to be desired – so here I am, back on WordPress. I’ve integrated my WordPress blog into my Shopify website, and now I’m enjoying the best of both worlds.

So what have we missed?

In book news…


The most important book news is, of course, the release of the first installment of my magnum opus, The Witches of Armour Hill. Switch is now available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback, and is enrolled in the Kindle Lending Library, so that Kindle Unlimited users can read it for free!


Last weekend I was a guest at the Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston. I was a panelist in the fantasy discussion, and was able to attend both the horror and the gender roles discussions when I wasn’t manning my table – big thanks to my mum for looking after it in between. I met a lot of great people, and I’m hoping that the organizers can achieve their dream of making this a yearly event.

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In reading news…

Most recently, I read a novel called The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which was an extremely unique take on the zombie post-apocalypse, and a novella called Passing Notes, which was a sweet young adult romance.

1529358 index

Both are highly recommended.

In life news…

Last month, I packed up my apartment and my cats and I moved everything into my parents’ conveniently spacious basement before seeing my partner off on a flight to Malaysia. I don’t talk about him nearly enough, but he’s an MMA fighter, and a BJJ blue belt, and he was invited to Malaysia to help establish an MMA team there. I had a few engagements to attend to before I could leave, including the expo, but as of August 7th, I’ll be bound for Malaysia.

There’s nothing better for my writing than a change of scenery, and what bigger change can there be than moving across the globe?

Wish me luck, everyone. I’m so excited.


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