Fiverr Social Media Advertising

I had heard good things, and I decided to try it out. My results weren’t spectacular, but they weren’t terrible either, and I thought I’d share my findings.

I purchased three basic deals from three different sellers, scheduled to run every couple days over the course of week, and used them to advertise Switch on Amazon.

This deal offered a Twitter blast – two tweets went out on the scheduled day, one right after the other, and I saw no results whatsoever. This was the most disappointing of the three gigs, and I won’t be ordering from the seller again.

This deal offered a post on their website,, which I had browsed in the past. I didn’t see huge results from this (barely measurable, in fact) but there was a slight increase in sales. There were no increases to the amount of lending library borrows. I did notice that most of the other books posted the same day were free or highly discounted, which may have been the reason. I’d consider ordering from this seller again, but only if I were running a Kindle Countdown special or other sale.

EDIT: I have to post an update to this gig, as I received a message from the seller this morning. It’s been three days since the promo post went live on their website – the seller had set the gig deadline for today, and I was waiting for the deadline to pass to leave my rating/feedback. bknights sent me a message this morning, not only noting the disappointing results, but offering a full refund. With this kind of integrity, I’d be happy to work with this seller again – preferably while running a sale, as I mentioned before, to increase the chances of a successful campaign.

This deal was my favourite of the three. It was the best value, offering multiple posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as a post on their blog,, and it had the best results. There was an increase in my sales as well as library borrows, which gave my author ranking a nice little boost. I would definitely order this gig again, and I’d love to see how the results would change if I were running a Kindle Countdown the same day.

Final verdict: I think if you could compile a list of trustworthy gigs, like MelRock’s, Fiverr advertising could offer a nice little boost now and then, though I wouldn’t rely on it exclusively. I ran these gigs on a relatively new book at regular price – I plan to try out a few more gigs later, on discounted books as well as books with a more established rating.

I’d really love to spend the next few months experimenting with some new advertising avenues. In the past, I relied exclusively on book blogs and book reviewers, as well as blogs and social media groups sharing Kindle free days. Although I’m still always looking for reviews, and I still write the occasional guest blog or book promo, I’d like to take a different approach with Switch.

…suggestions, anyone?

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