Another week in Sibu is over!

Well… much closer to two weeks, but let’s pretend that I didn’t forget to make a blog post last weekend.

This week Andrew treated me to an $8 haircut, of which I was in desperate need. Now I just need to freshen up my green, and my hair game will be unstoppable.
IMG_1897 IMG_1898
That day I even saw a double rainbow – it came out for the hair, I know it.
Andrew’s student Calvin treated us to dinner at a traditional Sibu seafood restaurant, which I forgot to take pictures of (I suck) and which I honestly didn’t eat much of – apparently I’m not a fan of traditional cuisine. Bring on the buns and noodles!
After dinner, Calvin’s friend Ricky took us for a second dinner of kampua and shaved ice (thank you, you’re a saint). Speaking of food (when did I start running a food blog?) Andrew’s been taking me to a lot of new restaurants, featuring pizza, rotti bread, fried fish that I’d be happy to eat daily, fried rice, and plum juice. I will miss plum juice more than anything when we leave – it tastes like Pez candy, if Pez offered a plum flavour.
IMG_1894 IMG_1914 IMG_1912 IMG_1910 IMG_1921 IMG_1883
We’ve started grocery shopping as well, as I find myself horrified by the amount of carbs and fats I’ve been packing in daily. The stuff in the picture below? All $8. We’ve also learned that milk here is much more milky than we’re used to – the closest I can find to my beloved 1%, is 8%. The only other option seems to be full cream. 8% tastes a lot like coffee creamer, and it’s still so wonderful after three weeks without it. I also found cute little glass Fantas!
IMG_1920 IMG_1886
Earlier in the week, we also met a couple from Kuala Lumpur, who were visiting Lucas to discuss installing a golf simulator in his new sports bar. Rich was from South Africa, and had spent a lot of time in Vancouver – it was surprisingly refreshing to be able to discuss Canada with someone who knew what I was talking about. Firdus studied art, and was sculpture major, and showed my pictures of the amazing parties she used to plan from scratch. They all went for massages – I say they because I still haven’t brought myself to let a stranger touch me – and we discussed the possibility of Andrew and I spending a weekend in their neck of the woods, and scuba diving. SCUBA DIVING!

I completely exploded at the mere prospect, and we’re going to make sure it happens before we leave. For a girl completely obsessed with the sea, I find it horrifying that I’ve never even seen it, except flying over top. Besides, I’ll need pictures of coral whenever I decide to finish off my leg tattoo, and how cool would it be to use pictures of coral in the ocean, instead of coral in an aquarium? (I will not admit this was my original plan.)
Tonight is the Night of the Hungry Ghosts here in Malaysia. At midnight, a portal will open that allows ghosts and spirits to wander. People will be leaving offerings on the roadside for them of food and incense, and a lot of our friends went in early tonight, to avoid being followed home by spirits.

So, of course, look for another blog soon! I plan to take lots of pictures. Andrew and I are going out at midnight to watch some locals make offerings at the crossroads, and tomorrow there will be a big festival that Lucas is going to take us to. Lucas said I’d be guaranteed to see the ghosts, if I rubbed a dog’s tears in my eyes. Unfortunately, we’re sadly lacking in the dog department, and even if I had one, I wouldn’t have the heart to make him cry.

Hopefully I’ve got the sixth sense all on my own!

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