Goodbye Sibu!

Well, blogs are better late than never!

We’ve been back in Canada a while now, but things have been pretty hectic since we got here – between dealing with a backlog of design clients, looking for an apartment, and celebrating Andrew’s birthday, this is the first chance I’ve had to even think about a blog!

Our last few weeks in Malaysia were bittersweet. We had a steamboat dinner at Saylee’s house, featuring Teddy and Hero, the stars of the night.

We went to see Ah Seng for the last time, and I got a beautiful foot tattoo (which swelled up like a balloon!)

We ate at all our favourite restaurants, got our last Red Carrot juices.
And our last WikiTeas.


And said goodbye to our wonderful stray cat friend (I wish she could have come home with us).

We had a pot luck dinner at Michael’s house. We made spaghetti, and I ate more kompia and jello than I like to admit.


I also got to meet Michael’s cats, Champion and Opera. Opera is my new best friend.

The last week in Sibu went by way too fast. We had spring rolls for our last meal at our apartment.

I said goodbye to the little lizard who had lived in the hallway outside our front door for almost a month. He was barely two inches long!

After Andrew’s last class, we took group pictures at the gym, and said our goodbyes to his students.


Andrew even got a going away present.
And then we went back to Michael’s for our last night in the country, and we made it a good one.

In the morning, Michael and Laura took us to the airport, where Brandon and Bryant met us to say goodbye. I somehow managed not to cry.

And then we were on a plane, leaving our home for the last three months behind.

We spent a few hours in Kuala Lumpur, where we found Han Solo and an indoor forest.

And then it was off to Taipei, where we spent a full 24 hours exploring the biggest airport I’ve ever seen – and this time I could actually appreciate it.

We even found a comfortable place to sleep – my time in Taipei was much more enjoyable this time around.
Before we left, I got the last authentically Asian noodles I’ll have for a while.
And then it was back home to Canada, with Malaysia firmly behind us.
This trip was the most life changing, eye opening experience I’ve ever had. I want to thank everyone who gave us the opportunity, and everyone who made our stay so great. I love your country and your way of life – and I can’t wait to make it back to your side of the world.

Thank you.


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