Ever heard of Patreon?

Let’s talk about Patreon for a minute, shall we?

Patreon brings together art-lovers and art-makers, creating a platform for the former to fund the latter, in exchange for rewards and warm-fuzzy-feelings.

After hearing some really inspiring success stories from creators that I deeply respect, and some gentle prodding from my awesome friends, I’ve set up my own Patreon page in hopes of finding some patrons who are interested in helping me devote a little more time each day to my passion, instead of to my day job.

Monthly pledge amounts start at $1, and rewards include daily poems, rehearsal and performance videos, and behind-the-scenes updates and info about future publications. Pledge a little more and you can also get some unpublished content from the archives, personalized poems and stories, and even get invited to the beta reader groups for my works-in-progress.

Even if you can’t afford to contribute – which I totally understand, being a starving artist myself – a like or share on this post would go a long way, and would be deeply appreciated.

We’re all in this together, or something equally corny and cliche. ❤


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