Whispers: A Collection of Dark Fiction

A loving mother returned from the grave. A vampire fallen prey to her own kind. A young girl who can set the night aflame. These are the whispered stories of the night’s darkest creatures.

Zombies, werewolves, ghosts, and other things that never found a name; this collection of eleven short stories explores the darkest corners of the unknown. Complete with eleven illustrations by the author herself, Whispers finds the creatures hiding in the dark, and drags them into the light.

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Whispering Peak

Martha and her brother were born in the Outlands. They have only heard stories of Invictus, the grand capital city; they have never seen it for themselves. But when their general is taken hostage, Martha and Asher have no choice but to make their way through the monumental steel gates that enclose the city, and bring him home.

In their valiant and misguided rescue attempt, the pair will come to learn that the darkest of Invictus City’s secrets – underground prisons, mutated monsters, psychotropic brainwashing – have been kept hidden behind the wall.

There, they will face the horrors that they never knew existed.

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The Motel Room

The Motel Room is a new take on the classic ghost story, telling the tale of a haunted motel room from the perspective of the haunter, rather than the haunted.
Since his death, our Narrator has been trapped in a motel room, watching the comings and goings of his nightly guests. The strangers never stay more than a night or two, and they never pay him any mind. Then one morning, a maid turns her head and the two lock eyes – the first time he has been seen since his death. Only then does he begin to discover the true power behind his ghostly form.

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Sunshine: The Author’s Edition

In a world where sunshine can kill, there are heavy shutters on every window, there are underground tunnels for safe passage during the day, and a society that has learned to live nocturnally. This is the only world that eighteen-year-old Manda has ever known.
As this passionate girl struggles to bloom amongst the confusion and turmoil of adolescence, she find a single comfort; Jordy, a man who delicately teaches her how beautiful life can be. But then the letter comes. Manda will soon be evacuated from her home and transported to a country where the days are shorter, and the sun less deadly. She bides in agony as she waits to learn if she will lose the only man she’s ever loved.

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When Alec first met Maya, an unassuming girl in sunglasses and sandals, he had no way of knowing that she was a vampire. It’s only as he falls in love with her that he realizes she might be something more than human. Maya was born on a small farm in the nineteenth century. It was there she met the man who would someday take away her humanity – and, as she reveals to Alec, the man who has chased her for a century, an ancient enemy seeking revenge. Together they fight for her survival, each desperately seeking their own salvation.

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A story of letting go and of those left behind, Benjamin explores the deep and complicated facets of human emotion. It follows Amily, a young woman, through her long and tumultuous relationship with Benjamin, who has over the years been dream, friend, teacher, lover, and finally, uneasy companion. When she learns that Benjamin has been diagnosed with cancer, although she hasn’t seen him in years, she rushes back to her hometown, so that he can finally teach her the final lesson: how to say goodbye.

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Cold Breath of Life
Cold Breath of Life is the work of an original, young and otherworldly mind. Largely elegiac in tone, Alyssa Cooper’s first and wildly imaginative collection steeps us in a ‘different world’ where the terrain is physically and emotionally charged. At once familiar and strange, these poems speak of memories, of dreamlike moments and unbearable burdens. Ghosts, creatures and lost souls congregate. And there is celebration too, of what it means to be alive in such unusual times. ‘An rud is annamh is íontach’ (what is strange is wonderful). —Libby Hart

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