Pulse: soon to be included in The Black Napkin Issue 4

I took a long break the last couple of years, both from submitting my work to literary journals and from performing it, while I taught myself the business of independent publishing, releasing Whispers in 2014 and then Switch in 2015. My last performance (until this month) was in July of 2015. My last inclusion in … More Pulse: soon to be included in The Black Napkin Issue 4

Slab Literary Magazine

SLAB is a literary magazine based out of Slippery Rock University.  They publish on-the-cusp poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and text-based graphic art by a wide array of new and established writers. The latest issue includes two of my poems, Lullabies and Despair has eyes. Despair has eyes Some days, I feel like I could make … More Slab Literary Magazine

Rosary, available now in Voices Israel 2013

Voices Israel was founded in August, 1971 by Leslie Summers, Reuben Rose, Moshe Ben-Zvi and Jacob Katwan.  From this small beginning of four members, the organization has grown to a membership of over 150 poets in Israel and many other countries. While providing an outlet for writers of English poetry in Israel, encouraging new poets … More Rosary, available now in Voices Israel 2013

Emrys 2013

Emrys 2013, Volume 30 is available now! “Without realizing it, we had begun to articulate the mission statement for the organization that was to become The Emrys Foundation—to promote excellence in the arts, especially literary, artistic, and musical works of women and minorities. “To choose a name for our new partnership we turned to Welsh … More Emrys 2013

‘The Bone Yard’ in The Broken Plate

The Broken Plate is a national literary magazine produced by Ball State University undergraduates each spring. The magazine features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, art, book reviews and interviews. The Broken Plate got its name when a plate shattered on the floor of a local coffeehouse. Since then, The Broken Plate has evolved from an online … More ‘The Bone Yard’ in The Broken Plate

Postscripts to Darkness, Vol. III: Available Now!

Postscripts to Darkness is an Ottawa-based anthology of dark fiction and illustrations. We print volumes twice yearly, and while we include work from writers and artists all over the world, we give ample space to local creators, emerging or established. While we are open to a variety of approaches and styles, we are interested in … More Postscripts to Darkness, Vol. III: Available Now!