A story of letting go and of those left behind, Benjamin explores the deep and complicated facets of human emotion. It follows Amily, a young woman, through her long and tumultuous relationship with Benjamin, who has over the years been dream, friend, teacher, lover, and finally, uneasy companion. When she learns that Benjamin has been … More Benjamin

Check out this review of “A Different Kind of Beauty!”

Caroline Andrus, of Goodreads: “I downloaded this book as a free short read and read it quickly while on vacation. I didn’t really know what to expect from this book, there was a large gap of time between when I read the story summary and downloaded it, and when I actually read the book. Basically … More Check out this review of “A Different Kind of Beauty!”

Emrys 2013

Emrys 2013, Volume 30 is available now! “Without realizing it, we had begun to articulate the mission statement for the organization that was to become The Emrys Foundation—to promote excellence in the arts, especially literary, artistic, and musical works of women and minorities. “To choose a name for our new partnership we turned to Welsh … More Emrys 2013