Pulse: soon to be included in The Black Napkin Issue 4

I took a long break the last couple of years, both from submitting my work to literary journals and from performing it, while I taught myself the business of independent publishing, releasing Whispers in 2014 and then Switch in 2015. My last performance (until this month) was in July of 2015. My last inclusion in … More Pulse: soon to be included in The Black Napkin Issue 4

Tamara Talks

I’ve been following Tamara for a while now, and every time I come across one of her poems, I can’t help but smile. Her work seems driven by wanderlust, and has a certain “wandering-but-not-lost” quality that I can’t get enough of. Each line gingerly tastes the unknown, exploring the unforeseen. “She wanted to see the … More Tamara Talks

The Traveling Poet

Three of my most recent poems have recently found a home at The Traveling Poet. River Gods, September, and Wild Child are all available now for your enjoyment. With your hands in the river and mud in your hair, you’re my forest; it was always you. The spirit in the woods that called to me … More The Traveling Poet

Free Samples!

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy busy busy couple of months, and I have a lot of exciting things going on this holiday season! First is the upcoming release of my new novel by Melange Books, Benjamin, in the first week of December. Next is the upcoming release of my first poetry collection by Hidden … More Free Samples!