Patreon Goodies

This month, my patrons over at Patreon received an original poem (outside of the usual 365 Challenge updates, which are also compiled there), a performance video from the last Kingston Collective Poetry Show, a self-shot rehearsal video, and two samples of my poetry editing process, showing how the 365 Challenge poems that I post daily … More Patreon Goodies


A story of letting go and of those left behind, Benjamin explores the deep and complicated facets of human emotion. It follows Amily, a young woman, through her long and tumultuous relationship with Benjamin, who has over the years been dream, friend, teacher, lover, and finally, uneasy companion. When she learns that Benjamin has been … More Benjamin

#8 – The Losing Christina Series, by Caroline B. Cooney

#8 – The Losing Christina Series, by Caroline B. Cooney Caroline B. Cooney has received a number of awards for her work, and has cemented herself as a master of horror for young readers. The Losing Christina series was my first foray into Cooney’s work, and the beginning of a lifelong obsession with psychological horror. … More #8 – The Losing Christina Series, by Caroline B. Cooney

Bitterzoet Magazine

The October 2013 Issue of Bitterzoet is here! “We seek writing that will make us salivate. Words that will make our stomachs growl. We want engorging work that satiates our minds in its reflection of life. Like the title of our beloved magazine; we especially want to see the interplay between bitterness and sweetness; light … More Bitterzoet Magazine