Pressing Questions

In this new segment of my blog, I’ll be asking fans of horror and the supernatural my Pressing Questions, and featuring their answers here. If you have an idea for the next Pressing Question, send me a message!

This week’s question: What is your favourite kind of monster?

We had a few different camps on this one. Lisa and Weldon each had very original answers:

“For me, the unknown and the obscure are scarier than any monsters. If I had to choose something more specific, however, I’d pick original creatures, such as those featured in SILENT HILL or HELLRAISER.”
-Lisa L.

“I like monsters that are not human in any fashion (not anthropomorphic), yet possess superior intelligence. Something not out to eat humans but rather to enslave them. That’s terrifying!”
-Weldon B.

While Karen, Natalie, and Pam were left undecided:

“This is a tricky question. I like them all werewolves, vampires, ghosts, zombies, etc. It is not about the gore, I am fascinated by surprises and/or psychological influences.
Right in this moment I opt for ghosts. They offer a broad variety. And it is more likely to encounter a ghost than a werewolf.”
-Karen O.

“Werewolf, or demon. XD”
-Natalie N.

“I am crazy about Dragons. And any Kind of Shifter. I also have an attachment to Elves…. Just really into the paranormal.”
Pam J.

There were a few who love vampires, but only when paired with their shifter friends:

“I like vampire, shifters and romance.”
-Sheryl F.

“I am truly a vampire girl at heart, but have read quite a few shifter romances lately, and wouldn’t mind a hybrid of both, I could see interesting things….”
Sheila K.

“I love shifters and vampires equally! I really like any kind of paranormal romance or erotica tho.”
Sarah Lynn M.

In the end, though, werewolves were the clear winner:

“Werewolves are my jam. I find them most interesting… I love a tortured soul.”
-Alannah H.

-Helly K.

Teletha S.

“I love all shifters but Werewolves and werebears are at 1st place.”
Lori T.

“I love anything paranormal, but shifters are my favorite!!!”
Nakeisha C.

“Shifters but I really don’t think of them as monsters.”
Cindy H.

“I love all shifters.”
Tanya B.

Kimberly M.

Christina G.

ImageEveryone featured in today’s post has received a free copy of Whispers: A Collection of Dark Tales in exchange. If you’d like a chance to win a free ebook, keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for the next Pressing Question!


2 thoughts on “Pressing Questions

  1. Interesting. I must have missed that on Facebook. I think we’re connected…?

    Either way, my favourite kind of monster is… MENTAL. ie, something that is in the mind of the protagonist, either real or imagined.

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