A quiet courage

“A Quiet Courage is an online literary journal that publishes compelling, poignant, memorable, and well-written microfiction and poetry in 100 words or less.”

Short shorts have always held a special place in my heart, be they postcard stories, poetic prose, or short poems, and when I discovered A Quiet Courage, a literary journal dedicated to the art of brevity, I was absolutely tickled.

This week, editor Clara Ray Rusinek Klein has chosen to feature two of my short poems; Translucent and The Fountain. A Quiet Courage does not publish in issues, but updates whenever they find content that suits their theme – so be sure to check in often to see great new work!


One thought on “A quiet courage

  1. You write? Write about a mother who’s son was ripped from her life and her entire families. Why was it the entire family…because the sons controlling could not leto others know his lies. Even you believed them! I tried through you in vain to reach my son. You were young and naive….what would you know what it is like to carry a child in womb ..do labour and delivery with zero meds or pain blocks? What would you know at that tender age to have a beautiful sob instantly gone from your life? You would not. He was told so many lies….and here I am years later and the pain sears in my heart like a hot knife. He will never know how much I love him and the devastation I have endured and still do. I have his name engraved in granite because his dad can’t take that away with his money. A mother’s love is eternal. You were a cutter and had your own issues….now I ask…write about this…you like to write dark stuff…write about the darkness I was up against…this is real..real life! Are you brave enough to write that you were an enabler of this darkness and make it right? My son is Mark…or Marcus…last name McMillan. I am getting older now…he just turned 12 when me and my entire family last had contact.. oh well tried btw. He is now 26. Will I die without seeing g him again? I feel he just does nothat know how to find his way back to us. I know the son of loved…inside…he most likely feels guilt. It was never his fault. I just never knew his father would do what he did. So….this Alyssa is a true story…one in which you played a part. How brave are you? Brace enough to write a wrong? Brave enough to do your best that a mother can see her son before she dies? Yep…you did not see this coming. Love from a mother is eternal. Maybe call your next book Eternal.

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