The Traveling Poet

Three of my most recent poems have recently found a home at The Traveling Poet.

River Gods, September, and Wild Child are all available now for your enjoyment.

With your hands
in the river
and mud in your hair,
you’re my forest;
it was always you.
The spirit in the woods
that called to me with foreign tongue –
I see you,
You’ve put on flesh
for me.
Welcome home.

If you can’t tell, I desperately miss the sun. Come home, summer!


In other news, I’m just about ready to send the first draft of Whispers out to my reading group. I think that, especially with this collection being my first self-published work, it’s important not to write in a vacuum. I need to see how real readers react to these pieces, not just how writers and editors react to them. I just have to contact all the individual members of what I consider to be my reading group, and make sure they don’t have better things to do this week!

If you’re interested in being one of my “beta readers,” please send me an email or leave a comment below! I would love to get some opinions from people who don’t know me personally, so I’ll be choosing a couple volunteers to get a sneak peak as well =)


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